Demo Stage of New Ragoo in Swing

Cross-country recording between myself and Ken is kicking into action. I sent a care-package of microphones, cables and a microphone preamp up to Ithica for Ken to use with his existing gear for tracking his drums, bass, guitar, vocals… the whole deal. Once that is all set up to our liking we should be rockin’ with efficiency.

We’ve been passing back and forth demo ideas for a new song called “Mow Down The Messenger”… which is getting a nice groove to it. It started with a quick guitar demo of mine, which Ken threw some drum and bass ideas over. This week, he put down a revised drum part for a second demo round. My original had been way fast, and Ken’s new one is a touch slow. I sped it up 5% and it felt perfect. So today is me throwing down a new version of my guitar with changes that lock into Ken’s drum ideas. Then he’ll redo the bass and I guess we’ll start working out the vocals. When that’s feeling pretty close, we’ll re-record the single version from the ground up with more attention to the recordings and detail.

We Skyped a bit yesterday about more changes and such. It’s kind of a strange way to work for both of us. If we were in the room together, changes would be discussed and set in minutes. Remotely – and with our schedules – it takes a week or more. We’ll get faster at it. But, it really illustrates the advantage of live interaction between musicians. We’re still really excited just to be working on Ragoo stuff again, regardless.

Word is Ken has a new tune called “Congress of the Cow”, which I’m excited to hear. For that one, I get to throw down the drums and probably bass with Shawn adding a guitar. Bass was always my favorite role in this band, so I’m looking forward to digging into that.

Shawn is planning on coming down to Headphone Treats for the first time next weekend. Neither of us is sure what we’ll work on. We’ll probably try to put together the start of a few new songs and maybe dabble with second guitar ideas on “Mow Down The Messenger” and Ken’s new one. Time is limited for Shawn as well and most of his own attention to writing is going into his own band. So whatever we come up with will likely be on the spot, which as I remember it was how a lot of the better original Ragoo material came into being anyway.

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