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Occupational Hazards Sessions

This past weekend, The Big Ragoo physically reunited at my studio – the first time together in the same room in over 14 years. We are all very different people now… far more mellowed, weathered and wise (comparatively speaking, at least). And yet, it was just like we’d only been apart for a few weeks.…

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Demo Stage of New Ragoo in Swing

Cross-country recording between myself and Ken is kicking into action. I sent a care-package of microphones, cables and a microphone preamp up to Ithica for Ken to use with his existing gear for tracking his drums, bass, guitar, vocals… the whole deal. Once that is all set up to our liking we should be rockin’…

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In 1996, The Big Ragoo was formed as a side project of three members of Atlanta post-punk band Monkey Boy. Jimmy Ether, Ken Whitener and Shawn Christopher – all prolific songwriters – would rotate instruments with the principal songwriter playing guitar. Lyrics were written communally based on what each member thought the others were singing,…

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